Thanks be to God Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

We stand together with those who are grieving for a lost loved one, confused by the continual stirring of the political pot, or suffering economic hardship and depression. Some psychologists are saying as much as 90% of depression comes from suppressed anger. The suicide rate is up. Domestic violence has increased.  Medication and counseling offer some relief for those with money or good insurance. What about the rest of humanity?

We in the USA have so much to be thankful for. May we not be like selfish children who complain about food, family, and the government. Peter and John  told Paul to “continue to remember the poor.” Obviously the poor are people here and abroad that are experiencing economic hardship. If we have the means, let us “send portions to those who have nothing prepared.” (Nehemiah 8:10)

The Philippines has 42% unemployment while being locked down from the virus and hit with natural disasters.  Other countries are in worse situations. We have been sending money for food to a village church in the southern Philippines. It’s not enough to sustain them, but it says we love them and we haven’t forgotten them. The believers are joyfully purchasing, packaging and distributing food.

Our banner at church says “Giving Thanks” reminding us that Thanksgiving is more than a feast one day a year. Count your blessings and look for ways to be a blessing to those in your area of influence.

It doesn’t cost a penny to pray that angry people will find a positive way to deal with it. Do you have a non-judgmental word for them? Can you use your creative, prophetic gifting to encourage and impart hope to those who are ‘poor in spirit’? There are many who are weak in body and fearful in mind. Let’s be kind and patient with everyone.

Thanks be to God for the grace that will carry us beyond the pandemic.

Your Co laborers,

Dennis and Diane Teague

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