Dear Friends,

Can you believe we are well into 2024! Some of us remember the Y2K scare as we approached the year 2,000. Don’t get fearful or distracted by the latest predictions of the secular or religious doom-sayers. The prophet foretold of these days when gross darkness would cover the earth. He said to “Arise and shine”, penetrate the darkness with His light, His love, and His gospel. (Isaiah 60:1-3)

Some people ask and some assume we are retired. Our reply, “Not at all!” We resigned as head pastors of Rivers of Grace Church in Olympia, WA in July, 2022. We are still involved there and work daily with the Gethsemane live-in recovery ministry. In addition, we help my sister and her children to provide meals for my 96-year-old father, who still lives alone. 

Touring the USA

In April we will be in S. California to visit friends and supporters. April 12-14 we will hold special meetings, Fire of the Holy Spirit, hosted by Pastor Nandy Ibon and Onward To Zion Church in Murietta, California.

On April 15, we head east with stops along the way through Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, to North Dakota. Then we go north to Pennsylvania and then back to Washington through Wisconsin and Montana. If you want us to speak in your church or just stop by for coffee, let us know. Our schedule at this point is flexible.

Uganda, Africa June 9-July 1

My first mentor was Phillip Beattie. We recently renewed our relationship with his son, Joel. Joel is a successful businessman who is on fire for the Lord. He started a mission work outside of Kampala, Uganda about 7 years ago.  We are going to encourage his work with a pastors’ seminar and revival meetings. Thank you for your prayer as we hash out the details.

Also on our radar, Mexico, Philippines, Myanmar, and China.  If Jesus says, “Go”, we go.

BTW If you live in Western Washington and need a new roof, siding, painting, etc. call Joel’s company, Chase Construction, for free estimates.

Yours in the Harvest,

Diane and Dennis Teague

Dennis’ Latest Books can be ordered through Amazon or Kindle

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