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Back From Asia Fall of 2018

Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma) We joined the Frontier Harvest team for the first week launch of Harvest Coffee House, a jamming new church in Mandalay. Sunday is worship and during the week they serve coffee, yummy fruit salads, homemade donuts, and sets of worship interspersed with gospel messages. The team had spread fliers all over the area so we had visitors every day. Some of the Burmese team members are planning to move their families to the area to carry on the work.

U Bein Bridge spans the Taungthaman Lake near Amarapura in Myanmar. The 1.2-kilometre (0.75 mi) bridge was built around 1850 and is the oldest and (once) longest teakwood bridge in the world. We visited the bridge on our ‘day off’.


After recovering from dysentery (Thank you, Uncle Chan’s restaurant)  we went to Mindanao and had a Holy Ghost time in the Fernandez Dr. village church. The love, joy, and faith of the older, new pastors has resurrected the church after what some call a Gideon revival (Judges 7).  Then we traveled back to Taytay, Rizal near Manila. Perfect timing to pray for Pastor Rino who had a heart attach the week before! One of the highlights of the trip was sharing with Pastor Noy and his youth church which started from a basketball outreach to high school kids.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for the Myanmar Lashio Children’s home. It increased another 26 kids in the last 5 months. They come from the mountains where there is little food and no school because the government is fighting the rebels. The children walk an hour to get to school. The orphanage takes their lunch to them. They are safe and cared for, but they desperately need of a boys’ dorm.
  2. Our daughter, Faith, doing medical mission work in the middle east.
  3. Our next schedule to China and the Philippines in November to be clarified.

Thank You for Your Support! We are Co laborers in Christ.

Dennis and Diane Teague

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Spring Mission Trip

Myanmar (Burma) April 17-27  Dennis flew to Mandalay through China and joined the Frontier Harvest team driving to the city of Lashio for three days of ministry at a church/children’s home. Children keep coming from the hills because there is no school and little food. The rebels take the boys and make them soldiers in the 65 yr. old civil war.  The children’s home has minimal facilities, but the kids are safe, fed, and go to school which is an hour walk one way. On the 3rd day of our conference it was my joy to share a message with the kids and pray with them to receive Jesus as their Lord.

Mission Concepts supports students in the Philippines

Thanks to MC supporters Bart and Syca graduated from high school. They have little support at home because of family dysfunction and unemployment. They are on-fire believers who passed there entrance exams and are headed to university

Ellamae Vilan, a fourth grader, comes from a poor fishing family in a remote area of Southern Luzon. Her parents are not believers, but she and her sister are faithful to the church.  Her sister, Elaine, will be a second grader. They are pictured in the ‘moving up’ ceremony at the end of the school year, which means they passed to the next grade


Marjorie is now grade 9 in June. She was abandoned by her parents and is being raised in a squatter village by her grandmother. Her grandfather passed away last year. Her grandma does laundry to support them. Mission Concepts is supporting her throughhigh school and college if she wants to go.

Cesar (not pictured) is a shy boy who lives in the church in Malabon. He quit school last year, but the pastor, Eric Jaraba, has encouraged him to start the eighth grade. We have started giving money for Cesar this year.


We are helping the working widow, Mhey Loreto. Deanie, forth year, and Dennis go to Western Mindanao State University. Denise is an eighth grader this year.




On April 27 I met Diane in Hong Kong and we flew to the Philippines. We spoke in churches, did a seminar on sound doctrine in Baguio City, and shared in Antipolo New Life Church. Unfortunately the pastor passed on to heaven, but his daughter is doing an excellent job in his place.

 While in Zamboanga, Mindanao we visited Hope for Kids, since I am on the board. The children’s home was founded by Gail Ashby and directed by Al Cabading. The government agent who visited recently said it was the best facility he’d seen in the whole country.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for the students MC support, Hope for Kids, and the Lashio Children’s home in desperate need of a boy’s dorm.
  2. For Frontier Harvest’s plan to plant a church in Mandalay in August.
  3. Our daughter, Faith, doing medical mission work in the middle east.

Thank You for Your Support! We are Co laborers in Christ.

Dennis and Diane Teague

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November 6-December 4, 2017

Our flights: Seattle-Hong Kong-Philippines-Vietnam-Philippines-Hong Kong-China-Hong Kong-Seattle

We flew to Hong Kong on Nov. 6 and to Manila, Philippines the next day. We deposited the 22 study Bibles we transported for the ZMI graduates, made some meeting arrangements and flew to Vietnam Nov. 12-18.

In Saigon (Ho Chi Min City) we did training with 84 people from many areas of the country for ZMI (Zion Ministries International): two days “A Passion for Mission” and three days from my book “Wind of Doctrine or Wind of the Spirit – how to know the difference”. The last day we wrapped up the teaching and finished with prayer and prophetic ministry for all the students.

We flew back to Manila, spoke on Sunday at Voice of Hope Church, and taught the same subjects in ZMI main campus in Antipolo, Rizal.

November 26 we flew back to Hong Kong, had lunch with a missionary, and caught the next flight to Southwest China. We planned to fly further south near Myanmar for a seminar with pastors on both sides of the border. However, Diane was experiencing stomach issues and bronchitis for several days.  The team went ahead without us and we went to the hospital! Two doctors spoke English. The nurses had a Chinese to English App on their phones! After a number of tests, she was diagnosed with appendicitis and scheduled for emergency surgery that evening. Ten of our Chinese family waited with me for two hours until the surgeons came out with a plastic bag containing a very nasty looking appendix.

After the surgery they worked on her respiratory challenges. Then we picked her up on the way to the airport to fly to Hong Kong and back home the next day on Dec. 4.

The first three weeks went well, but the last week was quite a trial. We are home, and Diane is getting her strength back. We are grateful for the Lord’s grace and peace through the storm as people from around the world have been praying for Diane.

Without your prayers and financial support, we could not have accomplished the things we have done this past year. I have written two more small books. We would like to give you a copy of the book “Jesus call to Leadership” or “Jesus Foundation placing your faith on solid ground” Email us if you want one or both: denteague@gmail.com

May your new year, 2018, be filled purpose, provision, and the Presence of God.

Merry Christmas!

Dennis and Diane

November – December 2017 Mission

Great Big Thank You!

We are in this together!
With your backing, lives are being changed and disciples are growing in grace. On the home
front in the USA we are still pastoring two churches and assisting with Gethsemane Ministries, a
live-in discipleship recovery program.
Our funding for Mission Concepts trips abroad is separate from our Rivers of Grace
churches. Your offerings give us the ability to travel to the fields of the world. With your prayers
and encouragement these old bones still keep up with a busy schedule.

Philippines Nov. 6-26
Diane and I will be speaking in some churches in Manila and teaching a module on sound
doctrine and missions at Zion Ministries Bible School.

Vietnam Nov. 12-18
This will be our third attempt to go to Vietnam in recent years. Pray we will succeed unhindered
this time.

China Nov. 26-Dec. 4
We will fly through Hong Kong into SW China and join the Frontier Harvest team.

Please Pray
1. China. Several sources say persecution is as extreme as it was back in the 60's and 70's.
Vietnam is a little better. Nepal is worse because the new constitution says attempting to
persuade a person to change religions is a 2 year prison sentence. If they convert, it is a 5
year sentence for the evangelist.
2. Traveling mercy! We are traveling through Hong Kong to the Philippines, to Vietnam and
back, then back through HK to China, return to HK, and then home! That is 8 flights and
numerous other forms of transportation.
3. Pray for us that the message will spread rapidly and be honored. Pray that we will be
delivered from wick and evil men. (2 Thess. 3:1-2)
4. 'Shield and cloaking devices functioning at full power' (Star Trek dialect)
5. Our daughter, Faith, will be serving for 6 months in a clinic in a critical area of the middle

Your Co laborers,

Dennis and Diane Teague

Philippines April 10-May 10, 2017

A Month in The Philippines April 10-May 10, 2017

Family Camp

We went directly to the Zion Church of the Firstborn family camp in Pampanga Province, spoke 2 nights, taught a married couples seminar, and shared on Easter Sunday. We have known some of these people since the 1980’s! What joy to see the generations worshipping the Lord. Of the 689 campers over 300 of them were under 24 yrs. old.

Zamboanga City, Mindanao

We flew 500 mi. south where we had a 3 night revival in a village on the outskirts of the city.  Quite a few dedicated their lives to Jesus. Others were healed. The last night there were 48 children sitting on the floor in front. Thirty yrs. ago our daughter, Joy, and Leni, both 13 yrs. old, started on a bench with a children’s ministry 30 yrs. ago.  Sunday we were driven home by Clemente, an engineer. He remembered the first outreach to the village, a puppet show by Diane and her brother, Dennis Caturia. Clemente was only 2 yrs. old at the time! We also started a remodel project on the building to correct some problems created by a property dispute with the neighbor. His compromise with us means the church will actually be improves and he will have a drive way!

Youth Camp

The following week back in Luzon we spoke at youth camp at Tribe of Judah resort in Rizal Province with pastors Noy and Joy (Andres).  Many of these teens came to Christ through an after school basketball outreach.

Often you do not know how God answers your prayers until years later. One lady from Joy’s church said we prayed for her 7 yrs. ago. Her husband was working abroad and separated from her. Months later he came back to her, gave his life to Christ, and has been faithful to God and the marriage every since then.


We spoke in churches we have relationships with. One Sunday night was the 36th anniversary of Taytay New Life Fellowship. Ben and Carmelita Baruel started in 1981. We pastored there in 1988-1991.  So much fun to see the children and teenagers grow up on fire for God and now leading the ministry.

Voice of Hope Church

May 7th we spoke on Ezekiel 37 in Greenhills. Then I asked, “Are you a dry bone or an Ezekiel with words of life?” Most of this small congregation came forward to receive a fresh touch from the Holy Spirit. The pastors, Bob and Delor, were pleasingly surprised as it had been years since there was this kind of response. They said it was a real breakthrough touch. This is not to credit us. We have spoken at this church at least 6 times over the last 10 yrs. since the church had a painful split. This was God’s timing for a major step toward healing His church.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Dennis and Diane Teague

Philippines April 10-May 10, 2017

First of all, we want to thank everyone who prayed about our itinerary. Within 24 hrs. of our prayer request for clarity almost everything was settled!

We will be speaking at ZCF churches’ family camp ‘holy week’ and Easter Sunday.

The following week we fly to Zamboanga city in Mindanao to visit friends and Hope for Kids children’s home. We will be looking at repairs on a village church and preaching a revival there. The church in Fernandez Dr. needs a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit. A false apostle passed through and left some wreckage.

Third week we are with Pastor Noy Andres at youth camp.

We will be visiting the students we support and speaking in churches on Sundays.  I am hoping to get another booklet completed by then. OMF Philippines has done excellent work with my books.

Besides the unexpected divine appointments to pray for the sick, counsel people, and do our best to encourage pastors, there is nothing to do…

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for us as we prepare for this trip and also for the excellent team who cover the bases at home. David made a law in Israel: Those who watch the stuff share equal of the spoils with those who went to the battle. (1 Samuel 30:24)
  2. China and Vietnam are on our hearts this year but there is no schedule yet. I mentioned Africa in the last request, but that tentative trip has been postponed. I was to team with Chris Heian, but he became quite ill on his recent mission to Myanmar and Thailand. He is still not fully recovered. Thank you for praying for him.

Thank You for supporting us!

Dennis and Diane Teague

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Mission Concepts



Before Jesus became the Lord and Master of my life in 1971, I was quite pessimistic about the future. I was sure the world would self destruct. I had 7 reasons we would all be gone by the year 2000.

Here we are in 2017! I am more optimistic than ever! Our theme this month is “Fill your tank, start your engine, and floor it”.  My optimism is not based on economic forecasts or political prospects.  It is based on knowing the heart of a loving God who is still in the saving business. Jesus is still healing the broken hearted. His grace is enabling people to overcome their addictions. Families are being reconciled, hungry people being clothed and fed, and new generations of young people committing their lives to serving others as they serve Jesus.

The biggest problem in mission is not doors closing, but people who have the faith to go through the doors that are open!  The harvest fields of the world are ripe, but the laborers are few.


On our last mission trip Diane and I taught leadership principles to 75 young people for 3 days in Zion Ministry Bible School in the Philippines.  Then we went to the mountains of Northern Luzon to speak in church and teach a seminar from my booklet “Jesus’ Victory is Yours!”

BTW my new booklet “Jesus’ Peace is Yours!”  is now available for free upon request.


We left P.I. and passed  through Hong Kong picking up some copies of the recently completed New Testament Tibetan translation. The day after our flight to SW China we traveled all day to a village in the foothills of the Himalayas. Diane said it was a new definition of remote!

Believers came together for 3 days from churches far and wide to pack out the church and worship with all their hearts. Diane and I are so thankful to be a part of the great teams Chuck Lenhart puts together. The people came expecting God to move and He did not disappoint them. Many were filled with the Spirit and charged to go to the harvest.

You might notice we do not announce our trips to China on social media, nor do we give much detail about what happened. Recent reports are that persecution is increasing. That does not really matter to us as far as planning trips. But we try to be cautious and stay under the radar. Our main concern is exposing our Chinese friends.

Prayer Requests

  1. We are planning a trip to the Philippines in April. Also in our sights are trips to China and possibly Myanmar. The last 2 years our trips to Vietnam have been cancelled, but we are ready in God’s schedule.
  2. The upside: 2016 I had a blast deer hunting in Alaska for the first time. The downside: I slipped and fell stepping over a log and detached my bicep. Dec. 9 I had surgery and the rehab is about 3-4 months.

May you have a great year in 2017. Don’t miss an opportunity to do your best for God’s glory,

Dennis and Diane Teague


2016 Fall Newsletter

Philippines Nov. 9-26

We will be speaking at ZCF in Mandaluyong, M. Manila on Nov. 13th. We are teaching a leadership module at Zion Bible School Nov. 14-16. Afternoon on the 16th we drive 6 hours to Baguio in the mountains to teach a seminar Nov. 17-18 on my booklet “Jesus’ Victory is Yours”. After speaking at North City Church on Sunday, we will spend the next few days visiting our friends and relatives in Manila and Taytay, Rizal.


Nov. 26 we fly through Hong Kong then into SW China.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for us as we prepare to travel through Hong Kong to the Philippines, back through HK to China, return to HK, and then home!
  2. That we can take the latest translation of the Tibetan New Testament into hungry hearts. Pray it will go unnoticed.
  3. That no weapon formed against us will succeed in hindering what God wants to do.
  4. Our daughter, Faith, now nursing poor people on the Mercy hospital ship anchored at Benin, West Africa.

Thank You!

Dennis and Diane Teague

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Mongolians on fire!

Mongolians on fire!

June 19-26 we were with a team training Mongolian men and women who love to worship, study the Word, and spread the good news across the prairies.

Transportation going and coming home was miserable, but the time with God’s people was tremendous. If you think it is difficult to preach, try it with an Chinese interpreter. Then try it with a second interpreter from Chinese to Mongolian. It takes awhile to get to the point, but it cuts down on the fluff!

Mongolians are tough! These people are determined to share the good news, pray for miracles, and plant churches. Many of them are shepherds. These days, instead of horses and dogs they use motorcycles to herd their flocks.

After three days of training they had a party for the church. They butchered, cooked, and served two sheep. At lunch everyone at each table had a knife to cut chunks of meat off of heaping platters of boiled lamb with gallons of milk tea to wash it down.

I fought back tears when I heard this old man play Amazing Grace on his Chinese guitar. I remembered his testimony: He had hosted some seminars, but he was not a believer. Then he fell off his roof and was paralyzing on one side of his body. He was healed when his wife and the church prayed for him. Then he believed and surrendered to Jesus Christ.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for us as we are in the planning stages of a trip this fall (Nov.-Dec.) to the Philippines, China, and Myanmar.
  2. Our daughter, Faith, departs Aug. 1 to visit her sister, Joy, and her family who are missionaries in Spain. Then she will spend 9 months nursing poor people on the Mercy hospital ship anchored at Benin, West Africa.

Thank You!

Dennis and Diane Teague

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Update from the Philippines

We returned from the Philippines May 19.

After a 7 hr. drive south, we taught in Guinayangan on the Miracles of Jesus as an extension of ZMI (Zion Ministries International) Bible school.

DenIMG_20160501_122110857ny and Jan Tyas were great teammates as we spoke and prayed for people in several churches. We went across the bay in a banka (small outrigger boat) and found an excited church. I heard this 7 yr. old girl singing all the worship songs by heart. Her parents are not believers. We are supporting her for her 3rd grade expenses and will continue to help her through school and college or Bible sc
hool if she wants.

Apoy ng Dyos (Fire of God) Pinugay, Baras, Rizal, Philippines is a squatter relocation area with 20,000 families. The governor of the province decided to campaign in the community center for two of the three nights we had reserved. It was tempting to cancel the whole thing, but we are stubborn for Jesus! Besides our dear friend and partner in non-criminal activity, Pastor Rino, had invested his heart and met weekly with the pastors for 3 months of preparation. The first night we met with the pastors, worship team, and all the people involved. We encourage them and anointed everything that moved. The only night of revival started late, lasted long, but glorious. Diane brought worship flags, but I was unsure if the people knew about them. I still don’t know what the Baptists thought, but the people grabbed them and danced with all their might. At the call for commitment to Christ, the altar was full of seekers.

VietnIMG_20160513_085406092_HDRam was canceled!

Due to a change in the schedule to a date we could not adjust to. Therefore we went to Zamboanga City, visited Hope for Kids children’s home, visited the children we support, and celebrated the medical school graduation of Diane Cabading, a young lady whom we’ve known from birth.

Thank you for praying for a miracle for Denise Loreto (pictured on the left), one of the students we support. She had an episode recently that was diagnosed as a heart murmur and told she should not participate in PE or sports.

 Wrestle with us in prayer for the property dispute in the village on the outskirts of the city. We started the church 30 yrs ago and the local believers have kept it going and prospered there.

 China Beckons

Diane and I are part of a team going to China June 18-26. We will be training on-fire believers from inner Mongolia.

After 18 yrs of work a revised translation of the Tibetan New Testament is just out. Any donkeys for Jesus want to saddle up?

Love and Appreciation,

Dennis and Diane Teague


PS I have several new booklets:

Jesus’ Joy is Yours

Jesus’ Power is Yours

Jesus’ Victory is Yours

Wind of Doctrine or Wind of the Spirit? – How to Know the Difference

All Free! but we would appreciate an offering for postage.

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April 2016

Myanmar (formerly Burma)

It took me 5 days on planes, taxis, buses, vans, and rented cars with border crossings and dust for snacks to be on Chuck Lenhart’s Frontier Harvest Ministries team from Feb. 1-4 in Myanmar. Our team of 6 Americans, 4 Chinese, and 1 on-fire Dutchman trained, prayed for, ate with, washed the feet of, and commissioned by anointing with oil, sixty Burmese believers. We sent 11 teams to share the good news in 11 areas where the Pulang people live in the Shan state. One million people with no church. Thanks to Chuck’s supporters. They funded the training and the sending expenses. Enough was given to purchase 5 motorcycles to reach the remote mountain areas. One of the teams had an unsettled feeling so they passed through a village and spent the night in the next place where 2 people made commitments to Jesus. That night the first village burned to the ground! A heroin addict accidently started it. Seventy percent of the world’s heroin comes from Myanmar. Have you heard of the golden triangle? Jared Lenhart and a team of Chinese will be going there this weekend to demonstrate God’s love by taking food, blankets, and tents to the 200 homeless villagers. The 11 teams returned with 32 people who were discipled for 3 days and sent back to their homes. Later they will be visited and brought back for more training. Pray with us for a great harvest and the establishment of the kingdom of God through church planting.

Prayer Requests:

1. April 25-May 19, 2016

Week 1 We will return to Guinyangan, Luzon, Philippines for a ZMI (Zion Ministries International) extension class to finish the seminar that we had to cut short a few years ago when that huge typhoon (hurricane) destroyed so much of the central part of the Philippines.

Week 2 We will be preaching an Apoy ng Dyos (Fire of God) revival in Pinugay, Baras, Rizal, Philippines. Ten small churches will cooperate to present this event in a squatter relocation village of 10,000 houses. The government moves these people from the city to a remote area. They are given a ‘home’. About 10-20 homes in one long building. The ‘home’ is 12’x16′ with two homes sharing a toilet.

Week 3 We will be in Vietnam for a ZMI seminar on Mission. The government has eased some visa restrictions and religious laws in order to attract more investments and tourism. However, we hesitate to give details about our efforts there as with other ‘closed’ countries. We worry about the persecution of the local people more than ourselves. We might be interrogated (I have been.), fined, or expelled from the country. The local people may go to prison.

2. Persecution in China is on the increase. In some areas they tell pastors to sign a paper saying Chinese religious laws are higher than the Word of God. If they don’t sign, they are arrested.

Laws for the Three Self Church, the government approved Protestant church in China:

  • The Communist party decides how many people can be baptized per year.
  • The party has the final decision on who can preach and what can be preached. (Foreigners can speak to other foreigners with a permit if they refuse local people to enter the gathering.)
  • Preaching should focus on social rules and the benefits of Christianity.
  • Preaching on the resurrection and second coming of Jesus are forbidden.
  • Preaching against religions that deny the deity of Christ is forbidden.
  • Preaching that atheist communist heroes went to hell is forbidden – good communists go to heaven.
  • Preaching against abortion is forbidden.
  • Preaching outside of Three Self churches is forbidden.
  • Preachers can only preach in the Three Self church where they are assigned.
  • Evangelism and giving tracts is forbidden.
  • Imported Bibles and printing Bibles in China are forbidden.
  • Government officials, teachers, soldiers, policemen, children, and teenagers cannot be Christians.

The Catholic Church is authorized under the same rules, but they are to have no connection with the Pope.