We went across the bay in a banka (small outrigger boat) and found an excited church. I heard this 7 yr. old girl, Ellamae Vigas,  singing all the worship songs by heart. Her parents are notbelievers. We are supporting her for her 3rd grade expenses and will continue to help her through school and college or Bible school if she wants.

Mission Concepts supports three children who’s father passed away unexpectedly at the age of 30 June 27,2005. Their mother Mhey Loreto is working hard to support them for the last 11 years. We supported their father and his siblings through school when we lived in the PI. They graduated and went on to be professionals. We have seen this family overcome many hardships and the children faithful to work hard in school. They live in Zamboanga, PI.

Deannie Mae Loreto graduated from high School and is now in second year College Philippians 4:13 is her life verse.


IMG_20160513_085337388_HDRDennis Joshua Loreto is 14years old.  IMG_20160513_085356877_HDRDenise Keith Loreto is 13 years old.


Dennis (16)  graduated from 10th grade March 2017. The new ruling for High School in the Philippines is to complete two more years to graduate. 2016 They have adopted the American 12 years of education before going on to College or University.


We visit and help support “Hope for Kids” In Zamboanga, PI