Great Big Thank You!

We are in this together!
With your backing, lives are being changed and disciples are growing in grace. On the home
front in the USA we are still pastoring two churches and assisting with Gethsemane Ministries, a
live-in discipleship recovery program.
Our funding for Mission Concepts trips abroad is separate from our Rivers of Grace
churches. Your offerings give us the ability to travel to the fields of the world. With your prayers
and encouragement these old bones still keep up with a busy schedule.

Philippines Nov. 6-26
Diane and I will be speaking in some churches in Manila and teaching a module on sound
doctrine and missions at Zion Ministries Bible School.

Vietnam Nov. 12-18
This will be our third attempt to go to Vietnam in recent years. Pray we will succeed unhindered
this time.

China Nov. 26-Dec. 4
We will fly through Hong Kong into SW China and join the Frontier Harvest team.

Please Pray
1. China. Several sources say persecution is as extreme as it was back in the 60's and 70's.
Vietnam is a little better. Nepal is worse because the new constitution says attempting to
persuade a person to change religions is a 2 year prison sentence. If they convert, it is a 5
year sentence for the evangelist.
2. Traveling mercy! We are traveling through Hong Kong to the Philippines, to Vietnam and
back, then back through HK to China, return to HK, and then home! That is 8 flights and
numerous other forms of transportation.
3. Pray for us that the message will spread rapidly and be honored. Pray that we will be
delivered from wick and evil men. (2 Thess. 3:1-2)
4. 'Shield and cloaking devices functioning at full power' (Star Trek dialect)
5. Our daughter, Faith, will be serving for 6 months in a clinic in a critical area of the middle

Your Co laborers,

Dennis and Diane Teague