Our flights: Seattle-Hong Kong-Philippines-Vietnam-Philippines-Hong Kong-China-Hong Kong-Seattle

We flew to Hong Kong on Nov. 6 and to Manila, Philippines the next day. We deposited the 22 study Bibles we transported for the ZMI graduates, made some meeting arrangements and flew to Vietnam Nov. 12-18.

In Saigon (Ho Chi Min City) we did training with 84 people from many areas of the country for ZMI (Zion Ministries International): two days “A Passion for Mission” and three days from my book “Wind of Doctrine or Wind of the Spirit – how to know the difference”. The last day we wrapped up the teaching and finished with prayer and prophetic ministry for all the students.

We flew back to Manila, spoke on Sunday at Voice of Hope Church, and taught the same subjects in ZMI main campus in Antipolo, Rizal.

November 26 we flew back to Hong Kong, had lunch with a missionary, and caught the next flight to Southwest China. We planned to fly further south near Myanmar for a seminar with pastors on both sides of the border. However, Diane was experiencing stomach issues and bronchitis for several days.  The team went ahead without us and we went to the hospital! Two doctors spoke English. The nurses had a Chinese to English App on their phones! After a number of tests, she was diagnosed with appendicitis and scheduled for emergency surgery that evening. Ten of our Chinese family waited with me for two hours until the surgeons came out with a plastic bag containing a very nasty looking appendix.

After the surgery they worked on her respiratory challenges. Then we picked her up on the way to the airport to fly to Hong Kong and back home the next day on Dec. 4.

The first three weeks went well, but the last week was quite a trial. We are home, and Diane is getting her strength back. We are grateful for the Lord’s grace and peace through the storm as people from around the world have been praying for Diane.

Without your prayers and financial support, we could not have accomplished the things we have done this past year. I have written two more small books. We would like to give you a copy of the book “Jesus call to Leadership” or “Jesus Foundation placing your faith on solid ground” Email us if you want one or both: denteague@gmail.com

May your new year, 2018, be filled purpose, provision, and the Presence of God.

Merry Christmas!

Dennis and Diane