Happy New Year!
We are believing for a grace – filled 2020. Challenges met, victories with minimal bruises, and lives touched for the better.

China November 3-14

Diane and I had a successful time. Surveillance is quite hi tech now. Resident foreigners are being pushed out. It is not advisable to discuss the details. Most likely any news you have heard is true and probably worse.

The good news is that our friends are heating up instead of cooling down! And more hungry than ever. They invited us and chose the topics – church planting and missions!

Philippines Dec. 4-26

We taught Revival and Passion for Mission at Zion Ministerial Institute (ZMI). When we spoke at Eric and Janette’s church in Malabon, M.Manila, we were blessed to see Marjorie, 16. We’ve supported her since she was 3 yrs. old.  She was abandoned by her father when he mother died.. She lived with her grandparents in a squatter shack. Being poor and having a tumor on her face, she would have never gone to school. With help from the church, the government, and a few bucks we put in, Her surgery was successful. She is a pretty 10th grader, on fire for Jesus, who wants to go to college and become an airline attendant.

Sunday, Dec. 22, we were in a village church we started 35 yrs ago in Zamboanga City, Mindanao. Three years ago nearly everyone left when a self appointed American ‘apostle’ had offered the pastor a ‘deal’. Then an older inexperienced couple took over with only a few people in the church. Edgar and Cora slept on the floor with one light on an extension cord. They just loved the Lord and the people, saved or not. Their grown daughters joined them to lead worship and help out. We encouraged them and gave them some money for remodeling. They started an outreach church 5 miles outside the city and a discipleship training group.

The church was packed out and flowing out the door! When the former pastor sheepishly showed up for Christmas dinner, I gave him a big hug and invited him to our table.

We celebrated Christmas with our daughter Joy’s family on mission in the Philippines after 9 years in Spain.  Our daughter, Hope, and her husband, Nate, joined us from Abu Dhabi where they teach. Our daughter, Faith, also in mission work, came in from Cypress. Almost every day groups of people visited us, some of whom we haven’t seen for decades.

Thank you for your confidence in us. With your prayer support and generosity we went to Myanmar, China, and twice to the Philippines. Souls are coming to Christ, ministers are being mentored, students supported, disciples taught and churches planted.

Pray for our 2020 mission itinerary. There is plenty to do here and around the world. We will go wherever the Lord directs.