Dear Friends,

Isa. 60:1-3 We want to encourage you to rise and shine. Shouting at the darkness and pointing out the evil in it does not have much impact.  Nations and kings (people of authority and influence) will come to the brightness of your light. Try some patience, kindness, and good news gospel. Hide it under a bushel? No!

Great News from the Philippines! Our students have worked online this last school year. With your support we purchased phones, tablets, or laptops, whatever was available, so they could make it through the school year. One middle schooler dropped out. He was more interested in drinking with his friends. Covid is still a big issue in the Philippines.

Please pray for the students:  5 university students: Bart, Syca, Andrew, Dennis, and Denise; 2 Elementary students: Ellamae and Elain; one senior in high school Marjorie; and Deanie in med school. Without supporting them in full or in part, none of them would have this educational opportunity. If the Lord puts it on your heart to help, send a check to the address below or through PayPal on our website. Write ‘students’ in the memo

 More Great News!  After more than a year of the covid slowdown, my book, “Jesus’ Recovery is Yours” Freedom from Alcohol and Drug Addiction, was just published through OMF. We are praying that many lives, broken by addiction, will get a new start through this book.  The most excited news to me is the Filipino version of this book. We have printed 10,000 of these in the first edition to be distributed throughout the Philippines. Many thanks to Pastor Edwin Abisado, Cora Langi, and others who labored long hours to translate this book

If you like poetry, I have published a small book of 9 poems called “Pot to Potter” by Dennis Teague. You can find it on Amazon.

The Lord has called some home. In the past few weeks, my mother, Grace Teague, 93 yrs. old, went to be with Jesus. We also grieve for the recent passing of Carol Gray whom we worked with in China and Glenn Carter who also impacted China from Hong Kong.

Prayer Request: Our daughter, Joy, who does mission work with her family in the Philippines, has had several surgeries in recent months. Until now the airports in the Philippines are closed. We are waiting to go there as well as to Myanmar and some other countries on our hearts.

Hold steady! Jesus is coming, but until then, there is work to be done. Thank you for joining us in this effort.

Great Grace to you,

Dennis and Diane