Thank you for your prayers and support for what we are doing and especially for the students in the Philippines.

We celebrate thanksgiving in the USA on November 25 this year. A grateful attitude can be cultivated so that it is more than a feast once a year. I have a notebook where I write something I am thankful for each day. My personal rule is to write something different every day. At the end of 2021 I will have 365 different things in my notebook. Some days it is a struggle to think of one new thing. Other days there are several new ones to go with previous ones!

The thing that opens up the deepest fountain of gratitude in the human is that God has forgiven his sin through Jesus’ substitutionary act. Oswald Chambers

One of the great things about Filipino churches is that they choose a day, any day, and call it Thanksgiving. They worship, preach, and, of course, eat plenty of food. If they are poor, they eat rice and something. If they have the money, they eat roast pig and many delicacies. Then they send food home with everyone.

We in the USA have so much to be thankful for. May we not be like selfish children who complain about the food, our family, and the government. Unthankfulness leads to resentment, jealousy, and the justification of sinful attitudes and activities. Thankfulness makes fertile ground for joy, peace, and answers to prayer.

One of the good things about the last few years is the Zoom meeting, the ability to talk to and see others anywhere in the world. Through Zoom we attended a memorial recently on line and taught the Bible in an underground church in Asia. I am scheduled to teach leadership through Zoom for three days in ZMI’s Bible school in the Philippines.  We have not put away our fishing nets! The field is the world. We are busy here in the USA and ready to go back to the foreign fields whenever and wherever the Lord directs us.

Prayer Requests

  1. There are rumors that the Philippines, Myanmar, and other Asian countries may open up to foreign travelers in the next few months. Our daughter, Joy, and her family in the Philippines have gone through difficult times this year. Pray for them and for us to be able to visit them.
  2. It is also on our hearts to visit the Lenhart family in Myanmar. Pray especially for Chris who needs a miracle of healing from bouts with seizures.

Count your blessings and look for ways to be a blessing to those in your area of influence.

Your Co Laborers in the Harvest,

Dennis and Diane Teague

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