Jared Lenhart
The first time I came to Burma was in 2014 and from then on the Holy Spirit put a desire in my heart to want to live in this country. In the beginning of April 2019 I was able to finally move to Burma when the Lord gave me a wonderful companion to serve alongside. Me and my wife Julia have now been blessed with a son, Elijah Edward Lenhart. We have been living in Mandalay, Burma for the past 3 years. Our desire as a family is to walk in the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ and make disciples amongst unreached ethnic minorities.
Burma is a land of more than 130 tribal groups with majority being Buddhist. In the past Three years we have been planting a church in the city of Mandalay.  We have been establishing a core team for a long lasting work, building up locals in the work by consistently teaching the word and teaching other how to teach the word. In North-Eastern Burma we have also established work outside of the city in more remote areas of the country. Our ministry has been able to support five fulltime evangelists and their families in these remote areas.
Our objective is to bring new converts who are hungry to serve out of their environment into an environment where the Holy Spirit can transform their lives. and in the process, showing them how to do the work and preach the gospel to their own people groups.
Please continue to pray for:
1. Our family as we press forward in the call God has given us.
2. That we may become a bigger conduit for Gods blessings to flow through us into the lives of those who truly seek and desire him.
3. That more hungry and humble workers will be raised up and released into the kingdom of darkness in this Burma.
4.  That those sent out may become the light of Burma for their own people in this dark time.
Thank you,
Jared, Julia and Elijah Lenhart