With God nothing is impossible.

 It took a miracle and hard work for Bart to finish high school. Often there wasn’t enough food in the house and he walked long distances to school and church to save his transportation money so he could eat something.  Since college was out of the question financially, he wasn’t planning to take college entrance exams. I told his pastor to challenge him and another young lady, Syca, to pray, take the exams, and see what God could do. When we returned from our mission trip, out of the blue someone gave me $1,000 for them. Their pastor wept when I told him. With your help we have supported Bart. He has served the Lord faithfully and worked part time through the last four years. Bart just graduated with a four year Degree in Criminology! He will study for his board exam, approximately six months, and be certified. With certification he can choose any branch of law enforcement to be employed. Bart’s picture attached below.

 Please pray for the students:

2 Elementary students: Ellamae and Elain from a poor fishing village in a remote area. One senior in high school, Marjorie, raised in a squatter village by her grandmother. Five university students: Bart, Syca, Andrew, Dennis, and Denise with their sister, Deanie, who graduated and passed the board as a registered nurse. She is now in medical school. Without supporting them in full or in part, none of them would have this educational opportunity.

Pray for us : The Philippines opened up last month so we hope to visit these students, some churches, and our missionary friends by the end of this year.

If the Lord puts it on your heart to help, send tax deductible offerings to Mission Concepts, PO Box 44, Shelton, WA 98584 or PayPal on our Mission Concepts website www.missionconcepts.org  Write ‘students’ in the memo

Your Co Laborers in the Harvest,

Dennis and Diane Teague