JOSHUA BERMIL BARTE, 22 years old, BS Criminology
Joshua Barte was born on January 27,2000 in Pasig City, Philippines. He has 4 siblings and is known as “Barts”. Barts lives with his family in Napico, located in Pasig City, a place where you can encounter people from all walks of life. His friends and companions just hangout, don‘t have plans to study or ambitions in life, and remain as a burden on their family. Because he grew up with them, this is what sticks in his mind about what life should be – to be discouraged, to not aim high, and to expect his life to be like everyone else’s..

Aside from the environment that hinders him from dreaming high, they also struggled financially. They lived a simple life where his father was the only one working to support to support the family. In order to cut expenses, his mother didn’t encourage them to finish their education. Unfortunately, things changed. His father had another family and chose to abandon Bart. There was no one to support the family and that made his sister decide to stop schooling and started working to provide for their needs.

Fast forward to the year 2015, Barts was already in his 9th grade in High School about 15 minutes away from his house by public transportation. But because he lacked financial support, he had to walk about 30 minutes to school.. He also didn’t have money to buy food for break time and he only had a chance to eat when his friends shared what they had, but usually he skipped lunch and at dinner at home.

In that same year, Barts met Pastor Noy and his wife Beng, a campus missionary couple, that was given the chance to reach out to his high-school.  Despite the fact that they only knew one student in that particular school, they did not give up and because of their sincerity and dedication in serving God, that one student multiplied and Barts joined their group. Through the life of this couple, he had the chance to attend fellowship and hear the Gospel. It all started as fun till one day their fellowship turned into serious conversations and the unexpected salvation happened. Barts, together with his friends, accepted Jesus in their lives and commited to walk with Him. Since then, they have been regular attenders  at the fellowship every Friday, after class in a famous place near the school called “Magic Place”. JOSHUA BERMIL BARTE – “BARTS” MAGIC PLACE

Barts was very consistent in attending the bible study and became involved in the ministry. He was also determined to take his faith to the next level and willingly attended retreats and seminars. His first experience was held in Taytay New Life Fellowship and it was called “EGR” (Encounter God Retreat). It became his turning point and through this encounter, his faith grew deeper and he became more eager to know Jesus. Since then, he surrendered everything to God and decided to be His disciple.

His life was not a smooth sailing ones. It’s like a roller coaster ride where every day becomes a challenge for him. But still, he bravely accepted and willingly served in the kingdom of God. After class, instead of going home right away, he dedicated his time and effort in the work of the Lord and even invited his friends for fellowship despite the hindrances that may affect him. Even though he had no money for transportation to go to church, that didn’t stop him from serving God. He patiently walked around 2 km from his school in order to have this fellowship with others. His life is indeed a living proof that nothing should be impossible if we really desire to serve God.

Year 2016, Barts graduated from Junior high school and it was a big achievement for him. But, because they were struggling financially, continuing his study was not his priority. That was his plan but the plan of the Lord is better and best. God even used other people to show His great plans in Barts’ life. Pastor Dennis and Sister Diane Teague, American Missionaries, heard about his story and God touched their hearts to be part of somebody’s future. Indeed, God moves in wonderful ways. The missionary couple sponsored his studies and allowed him to continue pursuing his dreams. He enrolled for Senior High School in Asian College and chose his focus on Accountancy, Business and Management. While pursuing his dreams, he did not stop serving God, but he found more reason to serve Him with joy in his heart. And by the grace of God, the year 2018, he graduated from Senior High School. Because of this achievement, his family was very proud of Him knowing that he is the only one who went that far in education among the family. God set his heart ablaze with fire and he became even more active in serving Him. His talent in playing guitar was even used for His kingdom and he became part of the music ministry.

God is faithful to His servants and He gives favor to those who endures hardships. The missionary couple continued to be an answered prayer to his life and they gave him full sponsorship in order to finish college.
EGR 2015 ASIAN COLLEGE – Senior High School CAMPUS OUTREACH – NLC EAST It was the best and toughest decision he has made because he knew he was not academically good. But, because of his passion to finish his studies and for his mother, he never gave up and pursued a 4-year degree of Bachelor of Science in Criminology in the Institute of Creative Computer Technology (ICCT) . During that time, he decided to be a working student and had the chance to work as an assistant in Autobase Car Exchange.

It was in the year 2020 that the pandemic came. Although there were lots of changes in the society his education didn’t stop. His school adapted the online means of learning and having a reliable internet connection and computer became a necessity. The blessing of the Lord is continuously flowing in his life. Ptr Dennis gave him a laptop for him to continue his studies. The next year, 2021, he received a heartbreaking news. His mother died because of Diabetes complications. She was one of his motivations in life and he was once told by her that she was very proud of him because she never thought or imagined that Barts would be able to take college and finish his studies. After the death of his mother, he became even more eager and passionate to finish his studies and achieve his dreams knowing that his mother believed in him. After two years of online school, last May 24,2022, Barts graduated college with a BS in Criminology. People around him can see how faithful and good our God is. He never stops serving the Lord despite the crisis in his life and issues in the family. He is planning to take a board exam in December, in God’s will.

BARTE, JOSHUA – a faithful servant of God that never gives up because Jesus never gives up on him.