Greetings Friends,

The Lord said to me, “I am not finished with this planet.” He finished the work of salvation at the cross, but Jesus is not finished building His church. He said, “… upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18)

Despite the media and some pessimistic preachers, we believe the Holy Spirit is on the move, saving souls and changing lives. Don’t put away your fishing nets! It’s harvest time.

We just returned from visiting and speaking in Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, California, Arizona, and Texas. We had hoped to do the same thing in Tennessee, Georgia, N. Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Montana, but we returned to help the family with my ailing 96 yr. old father.  Thanks for praying for Roy Teague.

News from the Philippines

Six elementary girls:

News from the Philippines

Six elementary students:

  1. Sisters in a remote area of Southern Luzon – Ellamae (grade 7) and Elain (grade 6);
  2. Sarah (grade 8) and Princess (grade 6)
  3. From Metro Manila – Raven (grade 7) and Arianna (grade 5)

Six university students:

  1. Bart (graduated and studying for certification in Criminology)
  2. Andrew (graduating and studying for his teacher’s certification)
  3. Marjorie (Second semester of first year college)

Zamboanga, Mindanao

  1. Dennis (finishing his Merchant Marine training for ship engineer)
  2. Denise (Third year university);
  3. Deanie (second year med school)

Without supporting them in full or in part, none of them would have this educational opportunity. If the Lord puts it on your heart to help, send a check to the address below or through PayPal on our website. Write ‘students’ in the memo.

Books Hot off the Press this Year

  1. Donkey Duty with Jesus Serving with the Greatest Servant
  2. Fire Bugs for Jesus Spreading the Fire of the Holy Spirit

Send me an email if you want a copy. Pastor Edwin Abisado is translating Donkey Duty with Jesus into Tagalog.

Prayer Requests

  1. Our daughter, Joy, in the Philippines, needs healing.
  2. We are looking at a trip to the Philippines the end of the year and Uganda, Africa next year.
  3. Pray we can finish the second half of our ministry trip around the USA.

Do not despair of evil; God will have the last word. (Psalm 37:1-9)

Dennis and Diane Teague

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