Greetings from Dennis and Diane,

We hope you are doing well keeping your trusting gaze toward heaven. We seem to be enjoying a good hot summer especial this month of August.

Prayer Requests:

September 4-9 Diane is going on a mission trip to Haiti with Marilyn Monaghan to make training videos for current and new teacher.

We hope to go to the Philippines in November.  However, we are dealing with some personal health issues as well as being a part of Dennis’ 96-year-old father’s caregiving.

Message us if you want a free copy of Dennis’ new books: FIRE BUGS for JESUS (Spreading the Fire of the Holy Spirit) and DONKEY DUTY with Jesus (Serving with the greatest Servant)

More books are listed on the book page of the website with a brief description.

Thank you for your involvement in our lives and ministry,

Dennis and Diane

PO Box 44, Shelton, WA 98584