Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and support. I, Diane, was asked to video a teachers’ conference for Apparent Project (AP) in Haiti. The idea was that future teachers could be trained with these videos. The seminar teacher, Pam Thompson has a  degree in family and Child development situations with 30 years of experience. This includes teaching parents, teachers, family dynamics and connecting with the children through wisdom and responsibility. It was interpreted in English, French, and Creole.

Condition of Haiti

The president of Haiti was assassinated. The country is in chaos and near anarchy.  It is primarily controlled by gangs. However, we were protected by the Lord and the AP staff. When the camera failed, I finished the recording with my cell phone.

Besides 2 days of video recording, I had the opportunity to be a light in a dark place and dance in the isles of the grocery store. We prepared materials for the 90 students and prayed for the staff, the parents, and each classroom. There were times of intercession for Haiti and the school’s future.

Apparent Project

AP is a 501(C3) nonprofit artisans’ guild that was co-founded by Shelley Clay and Marilyn Monaghan in 2008. AP offers the quality education and job skills training needed to help the poor rise out of poverty and become future leaders of integrity in Haiti. The Haitian employees of Apparent Project create jewelry, clothing, and art pieces made from metal, clay, cloth, and paper.

A day care was started for the children of parents who work for AP. It has grown into a daycare for babies, toddlers, and a school from preschool through the 6th grade.

Answered Prayer

We prayed for a pastor’s wife whose legs were inflamed with a sever rash from a voodoo curse. They had been displaced from their home by the gangs, as many families are today. They had no money to rent another place. She was healed and the money came in the following day. There were several other answers to prayer before I left. for further information about Apparent Project. Thank you for your support.

Diane Teague