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With God nothing is impossible.

 It took a miracle and hard work for Bart to finish high school. Often there wasn’t enough food in the house and he walked long distances to school and church to save his transportation money so he could eat something.  Since college was out of the question financially, he wasn’t planning to take college entrance exams. I told his pastor to challenge him and another young lady, Syca, to pray, take the exams, and see what God could do. When we returned from our mission trip, out of the blue someone gave me $1,000 for them. Their pastor wept when I told him. With your help we have supported Bart. He has served the Lord faithfully and worked part time through the last four years. Bart just graduated with a four year Degree in Criminology! He will study for his board exam, approximately six months, and be certified. With certification he can choose any branch of law enforcement to be employed. Bart’s picture attached below.

 Please pray for the students:

2 Elementary students: Ellamae and Elain from a poor fishing village in a remote area. One senior in high school, Marjorie, raised in a squatter village by her grandmother. Five university students: Bart, Syca, Andrew, Dennis, and Denise with their sister, Deanie, who graduated and passed the board as a registered nurse. She is now in medical school. Without supporting them in full or in part, none of them would have this educational opportunity.

Pray for us : The Philippines opened up last month so we hope to visit these students, some churches, and our missionary friends by the end of this year.

If the Lord puts it on your heart to help, send tax deductible offerings to Mission Concepts, PO Box 44, Shelton, WA 98584 or PayPal on our Mission Concepts website  Write ‘students’ in the memo

Your Co Laborers in the Harvest,

Dennis and Diane Teague

Student Update

Thank you to all who support our students in the Philippines. Deannie, Dennis, and Denise Loreto Are doing very well.

Deannie has graduated and now working in Manila. She is considering additional school to advance her in the medical field.

Dennis is in his second year at Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College

Denise just graduated from High School and is enrolled at Western Mindanao State University and studying to be a nurse or Bio Scientist.


Bart and Syca  are starting their 2nd year in college and are top in their class. They attend two different universities. They are on-fire believers who are working hard in school and for their local church. Bart has a part time job.


Marjorie  is a junior and working hard. She is having to do school work this year on a borrowed phone.   Since the Corona virus most of the students do their work on line. This is not easy for most students because the internet is unstable.  Please pray for the education system of the Philippines.

Further reports on the children in the remote areas  coming soon.

Thank you for praying for our student Deannie

Deannie is in her 3rd year of collage. She was boiling wax and the container slipped from her hand and burned parts of her left  torso, face, and hand. Her mother reports, “Yeah, it is really a miracle of healing. Because the Doctor said that she needs to rest for a month. Then within 2 weeks the wounds healed.  When we visit again for follow up, the Dr. was surprised because it healed in a quick time for a 3rd degree burn and no scaring on her chest. Keep her in your prayers.

Update On Our Students

In November we had the opportunity to visit the “Church of the redeemed Ones” where our student Margorie attends. She is now 14. We spent the morning worshiping together. She is doing very well in school and is working part time helping her grandmother.


Join Us In Supporting Students For 2017

Mission Concepts supports students in the Philippines

Marjorie starts grade 8 in June. She was abandoned by her parents and is being raised in a squatter village by the grandparents. She was too shy to go to school because of a large tumor hanging from her forehead. With some help from the church, a government program and Mission Concepts supporters she received a surgery and started school at age 8.  We will continue to encourage her and financially support her through high school and college.

We are helping  the working widow, Mhey Loreto, put Deanie and Denise through  college. Their bother, Dennis Joshua, is finishing high school.

Ellamae Vilan comes from a poor fishing family in a remote area of Southern Luzon. Her parents are not believers, but she and her sister are faithful to the church we visited last year. We started supporting her and this year her sister, Ellaine, who enters the first grade. Public school is free but the students pay for their uniforms, transportation and food.

Ella Mae Villan, age 8 grade 4 & Elaine Villan, age 5 grade 1

Last year we started giving two high school students a boost in their transportation and food expenses. Bart and Syca (no picture available) have little support at home. Without their church and Mission Concepts it would be difficult for them to complete the 12th grade.

Student Support We only have two people who give directly to help us support these children. Please pray for these children and about joining us in this life changing ministry.

Students supported through Mission Concepts







We went across the bay in a banka (small outrigger boat) and found an excited church. I heard this 7 yr. old girl, Ellamae Vigas,  singing all the worship songs by heart. Her parents are notbelievers. We are supporting her for her 3rd grade expenses and will continue to help her through school and college or Bible school if she wants.

Mission Concepts supports three children who’s father passed away unexpectedly at the age of 30 June 27,2005. Their mother Mhey Loreto is working hard to support them for the last 11 years. We supported their father and his siblings through school when we lived in the PI. They graduated and went on to be professionals. We have seen this family overcome many hardships and the children faithful to work hard in school. They live in Zamboanga, PI.

Deannie Mae Loreto graduated from high School and is now in second year College Philippians 4:13 is her life verse.


IMG_20160513_085337388_HDRDennis Joshua Loreto is 14years old.  IMG_20160513_085356877_HDRDenise Keith Loreto is 13 years old.


Dennis (16)  graduated from 10th grade March 2017. The new ruling for High School in the Philippines is to complete two more years to graduate. 2016 They have adopted the American 12 years of education before going on to College or University.


We visit and help support “Hope for Kids” In Zamboanga, PI




Marjorie Graduated from the 6th Grade!

We are so excited to see that Marjorie has graduated from the 6th grade in March, 2016. In the Philippines this is a major accomplishment, especially for a person with her back ground. She had a large tumor hanging from her forehead. Her mother abandoned this squatter family so her father took her brother and left her to be raised by the grandparents. Their shanty home partially collapsed in a flood. Marjorie was too shy to go to school because of her deformity.

Through the local church we reinforced their home and eventually moved it to another area. With some help from the church, a government program and Mission Concepts supporters she received a surgery and started school at age 8.  We will continue to encourage her and financially support her through high school and college if she wants to go. Please pray for her and her grandparents. Squatter village life is huge struggle